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Origin & Genesis Motherchak Naboday Kishalay Sangha, MNKS in short was founded by a young man Mr. Bijay krishna Raj of Motherchak Village with his young fellows in the year of 1985 to serve his fellow poor people. Agile and educated Mr. Raj with his devotion and commitment to the people and enabled them to cherish their dream of equity and justice. The tribal people who have been deprived for long years needed much developmental intervention. Hence to bring light to the obscure tribal land, MNKS was born. The light was and is for enlightening Dalits as human being who can not be deffered from any other people. MNKS has started reviving it’s nod to defuse exploitations on Dalits. Under much disturbed socio-political conditions, the organization maintained it’s philosophy to help people in hunger and devastation.

Catch the Child early

The early after of children is most crucial in their total life span. Earlier intervention in their life can help them to come out with flying colour, and the intervention started 5 years back through 6 early childhood centers at Pingla and Sabang Block in the District – Paschim Medinipur and these Centers are still stepping forward with district output, so far 750 children have gone through this preschool education system and 98% children are now in the forma schools, continuing their studies with no dropout rates among them.
Move outstanding is that 80% of these children belong to socially and economically backward families.

• Treat the patients with cost effective Medicines

The organization runs a homeopathic medical clinic. High rise of cost incurred for allopathic medicines are making people crippled to have an access of allopathic system, Hence, the organization started the homeopathic clinic for an alternative cost effective system of medicine to serve poor women and children. The clinic on an average attends 20 – 30 women and children per day.

• Health for All

To initiate health for all concept, the organization has emphasized on preventive medicines and for that, the organization has done commendable work in organizing health camp at 3Blocks of Jangal Mahal Area in collaboration with level  PHC and with length awareness 156 new born children have been immunized.


It’s understood that unless women are vocationally skilled, they cannot improve their economic lot. It’s so necessary to give necessary training to women of SHGs in different trades according to individual aptitude, existing skill, attitude and initiative. The year under reporting 20 women had gone through different skills training. The table below would show the women undertaken training programme against different trades:-

Sl. No.


% of success
1. Mat Weaving 95 %
2. Readymade Graments Making & Embroidery 85%
3. Sal Leaf Plate Making 90 %
4. Bamboo Crafts Making 85 %
5. Bag Making 90 %



i.To help people educated themselves in different relevant topics needed to lead decent life. 
ii.To perpetuate knowledge into action.
iii.To motive people in problem solving mechanism. 

Awareness of people is most component in any development process. Unless people are aware of their problems, they cannot take actions to combat the situations. People in the village face different socio-economics, health, legal and political problems. Women are the worst sufferers. Being at the receiving and with cesspool of illiteracy, women are disorganized and ignorant a lot of combat their problems. It’s with this view, the organization conducted different awareness camp on relevant topics of women importance.
Intervention 1:-


People, particularly the poor are cheated by dishonest traders. When already, the people are facing high price for all items including food items, the cheating by traders are further deteriorating socio-economic conditions of the poor. Also in every front there is rampant corruptions like health centers, hospitals are not providing medicines to the people, rationing management is having poor governance and denying the poor of their rights to have access for essential commodities, a lot of other sectors are involved where people do not get their rights as eligible consumers. This is because people do not have always to knowledge on consumer protection laws as well as they don’t get able support from different NGOs, consumer cell to address their problems. MNKS had taken an initial step to aware people on different aspects of consumer protections. Two such camps on consumer protections were organized at Ambi and at Gokulpur village of Paschim Medinipur district.

Intervention 2:-

Accident caused. The drivers should be aware of the facts leading to the accidents. The causes are basically rash driving, intoxication while driving, over taking and obviously not abiding by the rules and regulations of traffic systems. People, students being ignored on road safety measures often become victims of accidents. Debra  and Kharagpur Town and adjacent National Highway 60 and 6 no.  are very much accident prone place. MNKS since last 5  years have been observing road safety week along with advocacy and awareness programme among general people, students and drivers. Driving the reporting period 4 such camps were organized. A large number of school students from Kharagpur  were involved. 

Intervention 3:-
LEGAL AWARENESS FOR WOMEN:-Legal awareness Programme for women was organized by the Organization on 13.03.2014 in collaboration with District Legal services Authority. Near about 500 women from the locality participated in the Programme. Mrs. Rai Chattopadhyay, the honorable District Judge and Mr. Raj Kumar Das, Public Prosecutor and Mrs. Bandana Ghosh, Asstt. Public Prosecutor delivered their speeches for protection of rural innocent women. They also described various laws for protection of women. A case of early child marriage was stopped by the District Judge during the Programme. The participants became pleased to participate the programme.  


Global warming is today’s much concern subject. Due to wastage of water and lack of pragmatic utilization of water, the ground water is getting receded. Non rational use and misuse of wastage cause air pollution and air born decease are on the rise. All these factors are major components for environment degradations and climate change. MNKS has conducted advocacy programme on save environment these at Jamjhetia Village  through rally, plantains programme, vat installment for garbage and waste disposal, quiz and sit and draw competition among school students. 

Carrier Guidance Centre

The Organization has been running a carrier guidance centre in collaboration with Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports ,Govt. of India. Youth and Adolescents have been benefiting to make their carrier in the locality. The Students, studying in various classes came to the centre to know details as per their desire.

Multigym Centre

The Local youth and students of the area have been using the Centre to build their body. They come every day. 16 nos. of youth attend the centre daily and practice with multigym instrument which was purchased in collaboration with Department of Youth Service, Govt. of West Bengal.

Skill Development Training For Persons with Disabilities

Skill development Training Programme for Persons with Disabilities was conducted in Kharagpur-II Block in collaboration with National Institute For Orthopedically Handicapped, Kolkata under Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India. Details of the  training programme mentioned bellow:-

Sl. No      Name of Trade Nos. of TraineeSuccess rate (%)
1Food Processing2590%
2Cover File Making1095%
3Soft Toy Making1580%

After completion of the skill development training programme 5 nos. of Self Help (mixed) was formed and they have been making differ types of crafts and selling these items in collaboration with the Organization.

Rural Library Service

MNKS is running with a Grameen Library i.e. Rabindra Pally Granthagar with its limited capacity. The teen club members, students, older persons, Book lovers in the locality  attended regularly at Library to develop their knowledge.
The poor students due to their poverty can not pursue their studies without Books which is provided them through our Library service. As a result the students become benefited and have been doing good result which is expected to establish themselves.
Books are precious, books are epitomes of Knowledge. Rural people do not have much Access to read and continue to read, because availability of books for them is misnomer in occasions. Hence, the organization has started a library at Gokulpur village. The library is small which contains 5450 books, periodicals and magazines. While a large no of books are collected from well wishers, some books have been purchased with the assistance from Department of Library, Govt. or West Bengal.
The library is open for all and an average 10 people per day are regular readers

Annual Games & Sports Programme

Games & Sports is one of the main activity of youth in our locality. To continue the activity, we have organized 3 days football tournament at Gokulpur village among  16 nos. foot ball team of 9 G.Ps  under  Kharagpur-II Block. The youth of our locality became too pleased during the programme  . Women of the locality also participated to see the  final match.
                      Like previous year, this year too, the organization conducted Annual Sports on 15th December, 2013 at Gokulpur village, Children of 5 schools from different age group joined the sports events. The strength of competitors were 145  in numbers. 
Different track and group events with go-as you like, and musical chair contest had been conducted. Local Panchayat extended their wholehearted help to success the events.

Cultural Rejuvenation

The organization give emphatic importance on cultural activities, the organization knows that cultural activities bring people together and mind are exchanged in a healthy platform. To initiate cultural activities from school level to community level, the organization have taken programmatic steps. Those are as follows:
i)Centre of arts and culture for tinytots: The children attending pre-primary education centre at Belun village of Pingla Block are encouraged to untold their talents. While they attend pre school education centre in morning, they attend a coaching centre for learning song, dance, recitation and drawing which is situated adjacent to the pre-primary education centre. 30 children of 3-6 years age group and another 36 children mostly from the age group of 6-12 years are attending the centre. Children have been grouped in accordance with their aptitudes for different typologies of art and culture item. At present 20 children are learning drawing and painting, 18 children are the recitation learning division and 12 children learn art in the song and dance division. Children are doing and excellence and some of their with the inspiration by their parents and organization are taking part in local level cultural competition.
ii)Swami Vivekananda Birth Anniversary Programme: To remember birth anniversary of Swamiji  we organized a “ Cultural Programme” on 12.01.2014 at the campus of MNKS in Kharagpur-II Block in the district of Paschim Medinipur. There were 45 nos. of School Children and 36 nos. of rural youth who Participated in the Programme and delivered their speeches about  Swami Vivekananda. Many of them told about Self employment and how Swamiji  inspired Rural youth for liberty. Rural Development in Vivekananda’s thought was clearly discussed in the programme.  As a whole the Sandhya was spent in a pleasure moment.


i)Screen, study women status especially for productive age group i.e. 15-60 yrs.
ii)Measure economics and social growth of dalit and poor women.
iii)Help indigent, women under difficult circumstances with adequate socio-legal Aid measures.
iv)Organize and capacitate women group.
v)Inculcate and strengthen small saving.
vi)Enrich women’s vocational skills.
vii)Utilize women group for radical and economics transformation.

Since long the organization have been catalyst to bring about change in the hazardous lives of poor dalit women. In fact they have found out women need in the target area of operations through PRA methods. The women, a disorganized lot gradually have understood the need of organizing themselves for combating exploitative socio-economics systems.
In fact, women in the target slums areas of Howrah poorer families contribute a great deal to different socio and economic work along with their male counterparts. They work from down to dusk and also take care of their children and family need. Yet their potentials of work are not recognized and they are considered as non productive sector. Traditionally inner on 2 socio-cultural basis plays against women. And they are victims of intimidations, expatiations, rape dowry, desertions, trafficking, abductions etc. This is more because of lack of awareness, cesspool of illiteracy, ignorance, fetishism, disorganization on women part. To empower women for self actualization, realizing their potentials and self esteem, bring them into decision making process, AWRCDS made interventions in specific ways.

Intervention 1:-
Women in areas of  Paschim Medinipur District  have formed total 20 groups by the year 2013 – 2014. These groups have started regular saving. This year internal loaning has been possible, because substantial savings have been assured. The group is not only leaning towards economics measures but also taking into account various problems of women and children, victimized women issues and are in the solving mechanism process. They are destined to set their goal for a better living.
Each group have been imparted training on capacity building and concurrent leadership patterns has been already developed to run the groups in smooth way.

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